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Anonymous asked:

*rips off wings* Maybe if you didn't have these, you would fit in better.



"GET AWAY FROM ME!" Zari yelled as she pulled out her hidden knife and cut the anon down before he could completely remove both wings. Right as he hit the ground, she ran into the forest to get away from the man but the pain in her back was to much and soon after she feinted from the pain and shock.

"No. Kinda wanted to get out of there before he tore my wings off." she said with a small sigh. She pulled her wings up and sat back, splashing some water up onto her arms and neck a bit, relaxing her tense muscles. "What is that for?" she asked, eyeing the moss a bit.

"Thought as much. I would’ve just ended the poor beast right then and there." she spoke quietly.

"Hm?" Xhuuya raised a brow at the girl. "People these days. Don’t know how to take care of themselves anymore.” she muttered and rolled her eyes. “It’s for the open wounds. It should help staunch the bleeding and keep infection down.” 

zarinia13 asked:

I am not wearing that.



"Well, it’s too late now."imageIt’s already done.

Zari gave a happy laugh before diving under again, using her wings to push her threw the water. she went to the lake floor before pushing as hard as she could, shooting up threw the water and breaking the surface. As she was up in the air, she caught a branch overhead and pulled herself up and sitting on it, wings limp so they could dry. “Need a lift?”

Her expression dead panned at the display and with a grumble she made her not as grande way to the shore, shooting an indignant look up at the girl. “No.” she responded curtly. “I can get up just fine on my own.” Shaking her wings a bit to try and dispel some of the water from them as she wrung out her clothing as best she could. “You are a strange creature for certain.”

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